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Healthcare continues to undergo dramatic change year after year, and that is expected to continue.  The single factor connecting and/or driving that cross-organizational change is Information Technology.   C-Corp can focus IT in a variety of ways in your clinic or hospital.


Technical Services are comprised of a variety of IT based offerings. Interface analysts, system analysts, software developers, and web application specialists are but a few of the skillsets that you may draw upon to help you achieve your goals. For instance, should you require an HL7 interface to send physician orders for lab from the EMR to the LIS, this division of our practice is where you will discover professionals to collaborate with your team to design, create and implement a successful interface.


Undoubtedly your organization will be challenged to deploy computer based systems, such as an ePrescribing system, an LIS or RIS, or EMR. These systems require experienced leadership capable of functioning in a multi-disciplinary setting in order to ensure an on-time, on-budget quality, implementation.


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