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C-Corp, Inc.

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Project Management is a skill.  Project Management in the healthcare setting is a highly specialized skill.  C-Corp project managers are skilled and experienced in leading projects to an on-time, on-budget quality outcome, be it a digital radiography system or a full CPOE setting in an acute care facility.

Common Projects

  • Ancillary (e.g. Lab, Radiology, Respiratory Management, Surgery scheduling)
  • Enterprise (e.g. EMR, EHR, HIS, PMS)
  • Outsource management (e.g. Chief Information Officer)


You wish to deploy a new outpatient surgical scheduling system.
You wish to deploy an electronic medical record system.
Outsource Management
Your CIO has resigned and you need a skilled, experienced CIO to serve in the interim in order to keep existing projects and operations in good operation, and to lead the effort to locate and evaluate candidates for the position.


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